Where are we?


      Our core expertise in contract logistics and freight management, supported by consultancy services, information management and focused specialist services means that we can significantly reduce logistics costs for our customers, whilst at the same time improving efficiency and enhancing levels of customer service.


      These core services have evolved over a long period of time, are available globally and can be purchased on a stand alone basis. We continuously review the effectiveness of how these services are delivered to our customers to ensure that they continue to meet the need of the markets in which they operate. We believe that this commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence is a significant element of our global uniqueness.


 *   Containers and vessels


       From straightforward dry boxes to state-of-the-art controlled

atmosphere reefers, we have the size and type of container to suit customers needs.


 *     E-business


       With our advanced e-business solutions customers have access to accurate, online information and the opportunity to do business at their convenience.


       We offer a comprehensive suite of business tools on the web, on customers' desktop and as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).


       We also provide a complete suite of e-business solutions such as finding schedules, viewing rates, making bookings and shipping instructions as well as tracking cargoes.