IML pursues one of the largest shipping companies in the world, providing clients with best services and lowest price.


With our global networks, we ensure that we can offer reliable and comprehensive worldwide coverages to our clients. Even, we provide a unique concept of door-to-door service that meets our clients' needs.


Here comes our yesterday and today.



   *   Apr 2005   Providing Warehouse Services  


   *   May 2005  Introduced Transpacific/Transatlantic services 


   *   Jun 2005   Established Middle East Route


   *   Aug 2006  New York City Office (NYC Main Office)


   *   Dec 2006   Jamaica, NY Liaison Office 


   *   Mar 2007   Los Angeles, CA Liaison office


   *   Feb 2008   Container Services to Africa & India


   *   Jan 2010    Launches Importer Security Filing ISF 10+2

                          (US Customs and Border Protection Requires)